Bengur Bryan Co-Advises PF Growth Partners on an Equity Recapitalization and Debt Financing

On July 11, 2019, Bengur Bryan completed a $96 million equity recapitalization by Alaris Royalty Corp. and arrangement of $205 million in new senior debt facilities for PF Growth Partners, LLC (“PFGP”) led by Fifth Third Bank.  The transaction provided for new debt and equity growth capital to support the Company’s new club growth across its various development areas, as well as providing liquidity to the Company’s shareholders. Fifth Third Securities was a co-advisor to Bengur Bryan in the transaction.

Founded in 2007, PF Growth Partners, LLC is one of the largest franchisees in the Planet Fitness® (“PF”) system, currently serving over 500,000 members and operating 64 fitness clubs across the United States. The Company’s core geographic footprint includes the Maryland, Washington D.C., Tennessee, Florida, Washington and Northern California markets. Victor and Lynne Brick, co-founders and CEO + President of PFGP, each have over 35 years of experience in the health club industry, having opened their first full-service club in 1985. The Company is further supported by a group of professional business owners and an experienced management team which includes Glenn Norris, CFO, who has been with the Company since 2007. Over the years, PFGP has received multiple accolades from Planet Fitness corporate, including the inaugural Franchisee of the Year in 2013, Developer of the Year in 2014 and 2015, Highest BER (Brand Excellence Review) in 2014 and the Judgement Free Generation award in 2016 for their exceptional work with the local boys’ and girls’ clubs in Tennessee.

Bengur Bryan and its affiliates have had a relationship with Victor and Lynne Brick for over 15 years. In November 2014, Bengur Bryan completed a $93.75 million private placement of senior debt and preferred equity to refinance the Company’s existing debt and allow for new club growth in its development areas. Since 2014, Bengur Bryan and its affiliates have provided ongoing financial advisory services to the Company including a $5 million add-on preferred equity investment from its preferred equity partner in July 2015, a $20 million expansion of the Company’s existing capital expenditure loan from a syndicate of lenders in November 2016, the acquisition and conversion of 7 non-Planet Fitness clubs, under multiple brands, in early 2017 and the arrangement of $150 million of senior debt facilities from a syndicate of lenders in May 2018.