Bengur Bryan Advised Dunbar Armored, Inc. in its Sale to The Brink’s Company

Bengur Bryan is pleased to announce that it acted as the exclusive financial advisor to Dunbar Armored, Inc. (“Dunbar” or “the Company”) in its sale to The Brink’s Company for $520 million.

The transaction combines two of the largest U.S. cash and valuable management solutions companies, Brink’s (2nd largest) and Dunbar (4th largest). Dunbar’s focus on small to medium sized retail and financial institutions, with 78 branches and a fleet of more than 1,600 armored cars, will expand and complement Brink’s customer base.
Dunbar focuses on the retail, financial, government, education and healthcare sectors. Since its inception in 1923, the Company has remained a leader in providing innovative solutions to its customer base, including bar code scanning, smart safes and routing software.

Bengur Bryan is proud of its 20+ year relationship with the Dunbar family which began in 1995 by providing a valuation of common stock for estate planning purposes and is capped by this significant transaction combining two prominent brands to become the world’s largest provider of cash and valuable management solutions. Over the years, Bengur Bryan has been a trusted, thoughtful advisor and partner to Dunbar’s management and shareholders by providing consistent capital markets and financial advisory services including:

Arrangement of multiple credit and financing facilities;

Financial advisory and valuation services in completing a corporate reorganization of its related subsidiaries;

Sale of Dunbar Global Logistics to Loomis AB; and

Financial advisory services related to the capitalization of Dunbar Cybersecurity Solutions.

“Bengur Bryan has been a trusted advisor to the Dunbar company and the Dunbar family, starting with their work over 20 years ago. As we’ve grown, our relationship with Bengur Bryan has been there, with Chris, Charles and their colleagues providing financing solutions, divestiture services and sound, dependable advice. Their understanding of our needs as a family business and the value of Dunbar were why we wanted them as advisors on this momentous sale.” Kevin Dunbar, President and CEO of Dunbar Armored, Inc.